1 Degree Consulting Group helps people and companies create change that matters to achieve massive success. With a proven playbook of tools and tactics, we help you assess and improve your agility to become the driving force of game-changing transformation.

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Build Your Best Moments

I love what I do because it's different than traditional approaches.  While I am not a fit for everyone, for those that I am, we are going to have some fun. I will design a customized solution that may include, assessments, workshops, webinars, consulting, and 1:1 coaching. Below are some examples of where we may help your organization.


Create awareness that we need to show up differently.

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Develop organizational standards and your "Big 3" Results

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Use science to gather and map critical people data.

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Align people to the strategy to maximize results - much like you'd do with a winning sports team.

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Build muscle memory through intentional practice.

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